Kubernetes management for container-based hybrid clouds

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Diamanti Spektra

Diamanti propels enterprise adoption of Kubernetes by delivering:

  1. A container-aware, cross-cloud networking and storage data plane complete with advanced data services
  2. A fault-tolerant multi-cluster, multi-cloud Kubernetes management solution
  3. A full-stack appliance to stand up and scale production-grade Kubernetes for enterprise hybrid clouds


Diamanti Spektra diagram Diamanti Spektra diagram

Multi-cluster Kubernetes management

  • Provision, attach, and manage clusters across a hybrid cloud
  • Secure multi-tenancy with improved isolation, resource management and access controls
  • Seamless application deployment, management and migration across multi-cluster and multi-cloud environments

Enterprise-optimized data plane

  • Cloud-native distributed storage layer
  • Integrated CNI and CSI plugins for simplified storage and networking
  • Advanced data services including built-in volume snapshots, backup, and disaster recovery

Addressing tomorrow’s enterprise requirements

  • Turnkey solutions for rapid adoption and expansion of Kubernetes
  • Full-stack security including volume encryption and self-encrypting drives (on supported hardware)

Hybrid cloud flexibility

Provision and attach Kubernetes clusters in the public cloud and manage from a single console.

Secure multi-tenancy

Secure isolation between tenants for either centralized IT or managed service providers.


Integrated data services

Set up DR policies and back up applications and their data from a single console.

Multi-Cluster, Multi-Cloud Management

Manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across data center, public cloud and the edge from a single console

Seamless Application Manageability

Deploy, manage and scale applications seamlessly with the power of Helm 3


Application Migration and Disaster Recovery

Single-click support for stateless and stateful application migration and disaster recovery (DR)

Enterprise-class Security

User authorization using RBAC and authentication using AD and LDAP systems

Policy-based Multi-tenancy

Define and manage tenants, projects and resources with secure isolation

Ultra-fast Performance

Optimized for use with Diamanti Ultima I/O acceleration cards

Pre-validated and Supported Open Source Software

Certified Kubernetes, Docker runtime and CentOS


Monitor metrics right from the container level to the multi-cluster level

Scalable and Extensible

Extend memory, compute and storage resources simply by adding new nodes

Digital Transformation

See how Intesa Sanpaolo fast tracked its Digital Transformation with Diamanti Spektra.

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