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Unlock real-time business insights and get greater cost efficiency running Splunk on Diamanti.

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Diamanti propels enterprise adoption of Kubernetes by delivering:

  1. A container-aware, cross-cloud networking and storage data plane complete with advanced data services
  2. A fault-tolerant multi-cluster, multi-cloud Kubernetes management solution
  3. A full-stack appliance to stand up and scale production-grade Kubernetes for enterprise hybrid clouds


Key Benefits

Enable Seamless Scalability

Adjust with the changing needs of your business leveraging a Splunk Validated Architecture (SVA) on a Kubernetes-based platform. Scale out consistently using Helm charts. Read more >

Improve Efficiency

Reduce the overall server footprint and related TCO by right-sizing your environment. Diamanti allows you to maximize resource utilization to scale efficiently. Read more >

Turbocharge Performance

Ingest more data and improve overall performance by reducing indexing latency with our patented I/O technology and high-performance NVMe-based storage architecture. Learn more >


Remove extra layers of abstraction and run Splunk on bare-metal, providing a more direct path for data.


Get a certified Kubernetes environment out-of-the-box, complete with container runtime and integrated CNI and CSI plugins.

Splunk Validated Architecture (SVA)

Leverage a validated reference architecture for a highly scalable Splunk environment and quickly deploy with Helm charts.

Reduced Indexing Latency

Dramatically improve performance with Diamanti’s patented I/O acceleration technology and high-performance NVMe storage.


Leverage cloud-native scalability with a container-based architecture, all adherent to Splunk Validated Architectures (SVA).


Get greater efficiency by maximizing CPU utilization, reducing your server footprint and TCO.

Data-Driven Insights

Discover why the first purpose-built, fully integrated Kubernetes platform is the right fit for Splunk

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Empowering Business

Learn how NBC Universal was able to ingest 24TB of data a day while saving 80% on costs.

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Cost-Efficient Scaling

See how running Splunk on Diamanti helps enterprises achieve a real-time data-to-everything engine.

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